Friday, September 30, 2011

I present to you.... NSA3: The lost, the broken and the unwanted.

REMEMBER.... If you join the NSA Group in world you will find a note card in the notices with all of the hints found here AS WELL AS landmarks to each and every place!


Number 33 moved. For the new LM make sure you have NoteCard Version 4.0 in world!


Please have fun with the hunt, that is what they are designed for. We ask only a few things:

A. Please do not shout out hunt item locations. Should I be notified of you doing this, I will add you to the ban list, and strongly encourage the other shop owners to do the same. Some people actually do hunts for the hunting of it! Please do not ruin this adventure for them.

B. If you see something you really like, THANK the shop owner! They work hard to give you free items.

C. Please SHOP at these stores as well. The NSA Staff worked very hard to find stores that offer quality items. Stores that simply did not have enough Dolly Related items or fit the themes either as Dolly or "The Lost, broken or Unwanted" were TURNED DOWN for this hunt. Those listed below were CHOSEN just for you. Choose them back. :)


1. The Dolly Box
Hint: listen really close and you may hear something

2. Filthy Things
Hint: Here in my "cell of isolation"
I reach a state of desolation
Not once finding the realization
That this is a self imposed hibernation
As doll joints turn into perforations
One day I'll face disintegration

3. Spiked Devil
Hint: Ready or not here I come...................GOTCHYA!!!

4. Gothic Desires
Hint: In the Belly of the Beast

Hint: "I'm looking you down from the wings."
EXTRA HINT: You are her biggest FAN, right?

6. Grim Bros
Hint: It takes two, babe.
EXTRA HINTS: There are two gifts here.
1. Chillin with the punkins, you?
2. Find me by the icon of fashion GEARing up for the hunt.

7. +++Blue Blood+++
Hint: Get with the group and jump behind the pink!

8. ~PiNkMaReS HoUsE~
Hint: When Walking The Halls Be Careful Because These Children Will Bite...

9. ~The Delectable Doll~
Hint: Find the hint giver in her store and pick NSA3!

10. Rag Dollz
Hint: Don't let the ghost scare you while you watch the months go by.

11. *Bad Juju*
Hint: Hunt giver with the sign!!!

12. Mango, Mango!
Hint: Ghost, vampires and......... Freckles?

13. +Sakura's Originals+
Hint: When the clock strikes twelve....

14. NuTec Inc.
Hint: Sometimes life can be full of jest, just look toward light you be alright.

15. Jenna's Whimsey
Hint: If you aren't careful you might get framed!

16. Inner doll
Hint: When leaning over the railing... don't look down!

17. Squeek!
Hint: The ghost's cage is by the fenced cage where the cage is... O.o

18. *[Orange Marmalade]*
Hint: Any-cock'll-doo.

19. .:.:: Malfean Visions ::.:.
Hint: Has hunt giver!!

20. Ocello
Hint: The black cat is waiting for you.

Hint: Sitting in the back amungst a sea of men..... watching.

22. ***Ambrosia***
Hint: A hint is "Halloween".

23. .: WEiRD.DESiGNS :.
Hint: Looking through the window with my bound friend..

24. The Doll Emporium
Hint: Watchin from the window's ledge!

25. ! The Elegant Goth !
Hint: I'll let you play with my dollhouse if you can find it.

26. Venomous Rage Designs
Hint: Take a Load off and Have a seat

27. The Secret Shelf
Hint: Follow the signs to see where we caged her up!
EXTRA HINT: You can find me lookin down at all these hot dolls!

28. Indigo Oddities
Hint: Down here I can see your future AND up your dress!

29. .:Whims & Wishes:.
Hint: Where the greedy things are.

30. DivaLicious
Hint: "There is a string attached to this star"

31. *╔When Ra!nbows Attack!╗*
Hint: What's 'black' and 'white' and not rainbow all over.

32. {Ms B. Designs}
Hint: "Dolly, you're so nummy"

33. Cracked
Hint: Let me use a gesture to point the way.

34. Damage, Inc.
Hint: It means "WHITE" in Arabic.

35. Noctis
Hint: Hey good looking, what ya got cookin?

36. AhMuSeD Xpresnz
Hint: I think I forgot strings in my house.

37. ~Dear Alice~
Hint: I sure hope you aren't afraid of heights!!

38. The Mad Hattery
Hint: " Don't be " Frightened"

39. Vels Gothic Boutique
Hint: " Eye See You "

Hint: Dead bodies, lacerated forms.... this is a DOLLIE hunt? -skurrd-

Hint: Icecream does grow on trees!!!

Hint: Chillin with the skirts, Sup?

43. .::Distorted Dreams::.
Hint: New Carnilicious fun!

44. Brain Circuit, Inc.
Hint: Find the nightscape and find the prize!

45. -=VC Designs=-
Hint: Boots, Cages and Gifts.. OH MY!

46. Dead Bunny
Hint: Careful... this cupcake might bite you BACK!

47. Tigerlily
Hint: Have a seat by the gatcha's... you just might find it!

48. ~*{Lethe}*~

1 - From my perch I can see all the comings and goings... but no one's seen me.
2 - I was left, alone, on the steps...when a bird flew by and grabbed me for its nest.
3 - Dante, Poe and Shelley, all in a twirl, I've been hiding for so long, forgotten...

1 - This flame is my only friend...
2- A tisket, a tasket... forgotten in this basket...
3 - I've been pushed under and forgotten... gathering dust with the bunnies.

49. Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Hint: Gardening is fun!

50. ~.:.Hysteria.:.~
Hint: Knock, knock, knock!

51. Montagne Noire Clothiers
Hint: Come have a seat, take a load off!

52. A Netherworld
Hint: "Careful! Don't catch your hair on fire reaching for your gift."

53. + Ezura + Alternative + Gothic +
Hint: Sitting with some twisted ladies, but WOO they are hot!

54. Gothic Passionate Dreams
Hint: Lucky is the steps to the 3rd floor.

55. Dekute Dekore
Hint: Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

56. Razorblade Jacket
Hint: COKE RULES!!!!

57. .::Pink Sugah Shapes::.
Hint: Look between, under, and behind.

58. Bad Kitten Stables
Hint: Do you trust a cage that is held up by a ghost?

59. PNP
Hint: Wicked hot!

60. [Eat Paste]
Hint: When grandma died, she left you a gift next to her tea.

61. Grumble
Hint: Oh look at the cute teddy bears!

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