Monday, April 30, 2012

NSA4 - Flowers and FLutters !!

REMEMBER.... If you join the NSA Group in world you will find a note card in the notices with all of the hints found here AS WELL AS landmarks to each and every place!



This space will change as information gets updated.. MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS LOOK HERE FIRST!! As soon as troubles get fixed we will update. Promise :)

noctis was unable to participate so please skip.

ALSO - Last time check the following did not yet have gifts out. If you find one out please let us know so that we can update:

2. +Blue Blood+

3. PiNkMaReS HoUsE

5. 90 Degrees

20. Cracked

37. The Dollhouse

38. Sweet Nirvana

51. Nightshade Designs

54. Gothic Passionate Dreams


Please have fun with the hunt, that is what they are designed for. We ask only a few things:

A. Please do not shout out hunt item locations. Should I be notified of you doing this, I will add you to the ban list, and strongly encourage the other shop owners to do the same. Some people actually do hunts for the hunting of it! Please do not ruin this adventure for them.

B. If you see something you really like, THANK the shop owner! They work hard to give you free items.

C. Please SHOP at these stores as well. The NSA Staff worked very hard to find stores that offer quality items. Stores that simply did not have enough Dolly Related items or fit the themes either as Dolly or "The Lost, broken or Unwanted" were TURNED DOWN for this hunt. Those listed below were CHOSEN just for you. Choose them back. :)


1. Filthy Things
HINT: Dude... this whole thing just went to the dogs.

2. +Blue Blood+

3. PiNkMaReS HoUsE

4. Rag Dollz
Hint:This Victorian lady wishes she were a doll

5. 90 Degrees

6. Likka*House
Hint : Under the black

7. Grim Bros.
HINT: where gifts can be purchased, there lies a gift for you.

8. Tameless Hair And Avatar
Hint: If you walk on them, they’ll help you move up. But if you look underneath them, you’ll find what you hunt.

9. Squeek!
Hint: She was so full of env:

10. :{MV}:
Hint: Hint Giver on the sign at the landing point.

11. ***Ambrosia***
Hint: It is between white and black.

12. The Doll Emporium
HINT: Up and Around is where I will be found!

13. ! The Elegant Goth
HINT: Dont "loose your head" over the amount of decoys!

14. Indigo Oddities
HINT: What am I doin? Just chillin with the Red Queen, and you?

15. Whims & Wishes
Hint: I am hiding in plain sight!

16. DivaLicious
HINT: MAN, the time flies!

17. When Ra!nbows Attack!
HINT: Is it just me or is it warm back here?

18. {Ms B. Designs}

19. Wyldflower
Hunt Hint: Is that a doll key?! Oh no, its just a gardening tool.

20. Cracked

21. [Noctis]

22. AhMuSed XpresNz
HINT: RIGHT between the eyes!

23. ~Dear Alice~
HINT: Hint: Would you care for a large cup of tea?

24. The Mad Hattery
HINT: There's a fairy keeping watch

25. Gothic Desires
HINT: You dont need to throw a coin in this fountain to find what you are looking for.

26. .::Distorted Dreams::. & [Eat Paste]
Hint: Spring Fairies build houses made of cards.

27. Brain Circuit, Inc.
HINT: Time to "Release" the gift!

28. Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Hint: Please click the Hint Giver Easel under the Hunt Sig

29. ~.:.Hysteria.:.~
v Hint: I think i'm drunk. There's too much alcohol *running through my veins*

30. A Netherworld
Hint: One way, or another, I'm going to find you! I'm going to gatcha gatcha gatcha gatcha

31. + Ezura +
HINT: Out here to greet you at the top of the stairs!

32. Dekute Dekore
Hint: Trying to find me will give you a Nightmare!

33. =Razorblade Jacket=
HINT: Im Camouflaged within the camouflage.

34. Bad Kitten Stables
HINT: I heard you liked buildings. SO I put a building in the inside of the inside the building!

35. PNP
Hint: "Better Shape Up" because I need a man and my heart is set on youuuu

36. Savoir Faire
HINT: Hint: There is no way to go but up

37. The Dollhouse

38. Sweet Nirvana

39. ░▒▓█ Dark Midday Designs █▓▒░
HINT: The Bonnie Triplets are very sweet. :)

40. *Epic* & *FFH&G*
Hint: I gatcha you!:

41. ! The Little Bat
HINT: There I perched, between the iron bars. You'll find me in the middle, when you look up towards the stars

42. @->~ InSpired Designs ~<-@
HINT: Check the Hunt Hint board for the latest hint

43. *Amaranthus*
Hint: Would you care for some tea

44. ~*{Lethe}*~


1- It's a lovely day; maybe I'll spend some time outside in the shade.

2- I've got a nice view, up here on this shelf.

3- The sun is bright outside, maybe I should get a hat...

4- Reiko hasn't even noticed me, hidden in the cushions of her favorite chair.

45. Splash
Hint: find many Lashes...

46. Lords of London
Hint:why is this bowl by a tree?

47. PaPiLLoN Design
Hint: It´s spooky over here !

48. Wretched Dollies
Hint: Pink Shoes!

49. Dead Apples
HINT: "Don't be afraid of the big bookshelf"

50. .::Pink Sugah Shapes::.
Hint: Relax and take a seat.....

51. Nightshade Designs

52. Adoness
Hint: Up there where there with the new eyes.

53. *[Orange Marmalade]*
HINT: Behold..... the Green and Purple Tree Table!

54. Gothic Passionate Dreams

55. .: WEiRD DESiGNS :.
HINT: I like to hide under the stairs..

56. Spiked Devil
HINT:HINT: The Lady in Lace has what you seek.

Every girl needs a cute little purse/bag!


One of my favs in the hunt! I never wear purses or bags but I just might need to start if people are gonna make stuff like this!! I know of like a million outfits it would be PERFECT for! How about you guys?


Netherworld went PINK!!!


Ssssshhhhh Don't tell anyone or the creator will KILL US ALL! ;) Just make sure you SHOW everyone!


Cute little Supper outfit. @ WEiRD DESiGNS


You know you love this store and this year they sent us another cute little number. I expect to see you Dolls wearing it this spring!


Something for every outfit ~~~<@


I am a SUCKER for hats! I think that I own every single one that Grim Bros. Makes and I am WELL on my way to the same for this store. This Hunt they made the most adorable hats that just make me want to squee all over the place! I just know that I will make hat lovers out of the rest of you yet! And we will begin.. with these:


Beautifully Tamed



And what they created is SO CUTE!! Perfectly designed to host a tiara, or any other kind of little hair additives for decorations that speak to your heart and soul without compromising the look! Very nice, indeed!


Ellegant ... is the only word!


I remember when this store decided to put out their FIRST doll related item and they came to us to be in the NSA Hunt so they could introduce this amazing community to the new line. Let's continue to support that! See if we can make this designer give us a WHOLE FLOOR of products just for US in her huge store! ;) Go go DOLL POWER!!

For the hunt she created the following..... and let me tell you it is beautiful. You will not be disappointed!


Make a wish! ...... GRANTED!


:{MV}: Does it again with this cute as all get out fountain, perfect for any doll house! Heck, perfect for any house, yard, or garden you can think of! Do not miss out on the chance to bring the magic of delicate butterflies to your special hide-a-way.


Classy Sassy


Rag Dollz is always one of my favs! But anyone that knows me knows that. :) Another full outfit, save for the shoes, RD created a sassy yet classy little number for us that will be perfect for just about any occasion that you might have a need for, and you wont have to compromise your dolly panache!





Okay.. something deep inside of me makes me go nuts over these little guys! The colors are bright and fun and perfect for getting me in a Spring/Summer headspace. I know that you will fall in love with them as well. This year's hunt is really looking to grab so many other groups interests as well! Watch out Doll Community - The rest of SL might just discover we are here! I cannot wait to see the influx of newlings among us after we infect them all with our amazingness!


Sunday, April 29, 2012


OOohh YEAH! Check this out!




Filthy Things - Spiked Devil - and Gothic Desires have teamed together to make a full outfit for the hunters this year! The breakdown is as follows!

Filthy's Outfit
This is a wire skirt with red flowers along the base and a MESH Corset! Soon FT will be adding an entire Mesh line so she wanted to make sure something meshy was added to let everyone know!

Spiked Devil Shoes
The owner of this store had these shoes just WAITING for this event! When I asked her to join she squee'd and was damned near ready for me. She will also be adding an entire line of this style of shoe so that our dolls can have one for every outfit they own!

Gothic Desires Keys
He made one in purple, a pretty little lily and I asked if he would make one to match this outfit and HE DID! -squee- Photobucket

In the palm of your hand.

Now this one, I think everyone can have a little fun with. It just looks so sweet. Even those who aren't Dolls can fall in love with this as well. SO bring your other SL friends out to this location and be sure to pick it up!
{Ms. B Designs} made us a flutterby all of our own!


Adoness - Fluffy Goodness!


Adoness made this little lovely, I can't wait to see our dollies twirling around in it! Gothic Desires even made a key that would match perfectly with this!!!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Indigo Oddities - a special place in my heart!


One of the first NSA Hunts that I put together, Jenna and I found a tinsy little store that only had a few dresses up in it, but what she had was adorable. She put her store into the Hunt and before I knew it.... IT EXPLODED!

I have enjoyed watching this store grow with each passing hunt. Seeing it advertise all around SL, and watching the quality of items just get better and better. This store will always have a place in my heart, and in this hunt.

Here is what they are offering THIS year!




Sunday, April 22, 2012

When Ra!ndows Attack's Doll Keys!!


was kind enough to send me these keys so I took pictures of them and HERE THEY ARE!!! Each is adorable and the butterflies flutter around the flowers in the sweetest circle! Now you can have a touch of spring ALL YEAR ROUND. :)




They have all KINDS of cute things here so make sure you peruse the whole store while you are there!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lethe's Gift - Lots for her, but even one for HIM!


is the first to give us a sneakie peak at the items that they are offering for the hunt and I am SO excited to present them to YOU! Later today I will be posting more pictures but this was something I could not wait on any longer!





Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy 4-20!!

Only a handful of days before the hunt begins and I am proud to say that we have an amazing line up of stores for us this year.

Without further adieu.... your stores! (not in order of the hunt)

Filthy Things
Spiked Devil
Blue Blood
Rag dollz
Likka House
Grim Bros
The Elegant Goth
.:.:: Malfean Visions ::.:.
The Doll Emporium
Wretched Dollies
The Dollhouse
A Netherworld
Venomous Rage Designs
Indigo Oddities
Whims & Wishes
Gothic Desires
When Ra!nbows Attack!
Ms B. Designs
Ahmused Xpresnz
Dear Alice
The Mad Hattery
Distorted Dreams
Brain Circuit, Inc.
Dreamscapes Art Gallery
+ Ezura +
Dekute Dekore
Razorblade Jacket
Bad Kitten Stables
[Eat Paste]
Savoir Faire
*Epic* & *FFH&G*
Sweet Nirvana
░▒▓█ Dark Midday Designs █▓▒░
Anja Skinstad RLVfun
the little bat
InSpired Designs
90 Degrees
Lords of London
Papillon Design
Tameless Hair And Avatar
Dead Apples
.::Pink Sugah Shapes::.
*[Orange Marmalade]*

I already have a few of the items sent to me to display for everyone, but I figure I will start the showing off a little later today or tomorrow. :)

Let me just say this... there are some HELLA CUTE STUFF this Spring!!!