Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Details Details...

Its ALL in the details though, isnt it?

Okay... When the hunt begins there will be some LM changes for a lot of the stores listed, so when you get your hunt items.. SAVE the LM's you find inside of them as they will be the most up to date LM's for your favorite stores!!!

I am working on what the hunt item will be that you all will scour SL to find. Be patient my store owners as they will be sent out to you soon, along with an updated poster!! YAY!! And a schedule of the walk through we are going to do.

It is getting closer and closer, but I'm not pulling my hair out this year.... yet. ;) We will see..lol

At 11pm the 30th of Sept. we will have a COUNTDOWN PARTY at the Dolly Box (the starting location) and will be playing music for 24 hours! So if you want the stream information so that you can have it at YOUR store as well.. just ask and we will hand it out!

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