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Below is a list of the stores in order with the hints. THESE ARE NOT LINKS. I want you to join the group! In the group you will find the NC with the LMs within notices as well as a whole community of people to help when you get stuck!

BELOW this list of stores I will post any known issues. These will change as things get fixed. It is with my hopes that there won't be many of these. :) So if you do not see any known issues.. YAY!

Without further adieu....

1 - The Dolly Box
"so many pictures which one to choose, maybe choose a pose. "

2 - Filthy Things
"Where Filthy Things lay."

3 - Jenna's Whimsey
"not much here but look.......a chair"

4 - Spiked Devil
"Liquor is quicker but candy is dandee!"

5 - Sakura's Originals
"walk through, but i'm not around. Look up and i shall be found."

6 -}}Edge of Sanity{{
"Care to dance?"

7 - *Bad Juju*
"Midnight at the Oasis!"

8 - +++Blue Blood+++
"Beneath the fire"

9 - PiNkMaReS HoUsE
"You cannot fit within this place but it is where the little dollies reside."

10 - Nightshade Designs
"keeps the dollys warm on those long winter nights"

"You're really! You're a doll! I mean that!"

12 - ~The Delectable Doll~
"Here and there, high and low. Join with friends to be in the know."

13 - Rag Dollz
"Safely guarded by a pirate captain near a doorway!"

14 - ::DaRk DoLls::
"There's a lady who's sure
All that glitters is gold
And she's buying a .........."

15 - (Magic) (Burst)!
"The prize is free, but also cliquey. Look for others who are like it."

16 - Mango, Mango!
"All the way back!"

17 - Absentia ��
"There is it behind a shelf."

18 - ::Gothic Passionate Dreams::
"Roses are red"

19 - ## Creative Insanity ##
"Look for the puppet"

20 - :evldva:
"While you search far and near, I'll be sitting right here- enjoying the view...and a good book or two.."

21 - Rotten Toe
"Look for the dolly box reunion, there is alway someone left out, but this time is not a dollie on the inside."

"come on in and take a rest"

23 - PsychoTroPia
"Hiding here hiding there, i wish i had one of these at home"

24 - Grim Bros
"say hi to the big bird and then follow the white rabbit."

25 - Inner doll
"How do I get up here?"

26 - A Netherworld
"Up Up and away!"

27 - Violet Voltaire
"Follow the yellow brick road"

28 - +UTD+
"Oh Dear! Oh Dear! I shall be too late!"

29 - Squeek!
"There's a dolly box under a Dollie"

30 - ..::Beauty Killer::..
"Take a seat in the garden"

31 - .:WEiRD.DESiGNS:.
"if you climb to high you will miss it. "

32 - ! The Elegant Goth
"Talk to Minsky the mouse, he is very wise."

33 - .::Pink Sugah Shapes::.
"I am not a puppet, I am a real boy"

34 - ~Damaged Rose~
"This is typical Faye she must think she is a talk show host! "

35 - .:.::Malfean Visions::.:.
Hint..... located in her hint giver! :)

36 - Infected Angels
"Infected Angels Hint - Light as a feather stiff as a board"

37 - The Dollhouse
"don't look up..look down..if your looking sure and look behind to.."

"The piano and the bookshelf might have given shelter to the doll."

39 - Sweet Nirvana
"There is a great bird's eye view beyond the twilight zone!"

"to find me, listen carefull...follow your NEW ears"

41 - ***Ambrosia***
"There is it behind a shelf."

42 - The Doll Emporium
"you are so close, take a rest "

43 - Indigo Oddities
"Colors, colors, all around, up in the air, not on the ground"
"When something cannot be seen, it may be under the cushions, but not inbetween."

44 - The Secret Shelf
"Help point me in the right direction!"

45 - *Amaranthus*
"Through yonder window,
A dolly box is on edge
...and ready to jump!"

46 - Junbug
"I ate a french apple and ended up in a Parisienne bedroom."


The LM in the Dark Dolls hunt item is an old LM for Magic Burst - please use the NC for the correct LM until it is updated.

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