Sunday, April 3, 2011

2,318 Page Views

Imagine my surprise when I see this and it is only April 3rd.

Over 2 THOUSAND visits to the blog.

This doesnt event begin to count how many people are actually doing the hunt. There are so many out there within other groups not related to the hunt group itself that I send the NC for the hunt to as well (I am in several other hunt type groups).

I am so excited!

So many people love what we offer, are curious as to what "dolly is" and cater to us. Why? Because we are a SHOPPING FORCE.

We have grown as a community from more than just odd little clockwork dolls that fit into some fringe category of Steampunk. More than lifesize, walking, talking, Dead Dolls. More than freaky little latex covered beings within the BDSM genre and into a full on genre of our own.

You can see the growth simply by doing a search for dolls within the groups category of SL.

We have someone from FabFree working on a post for us, a full on article on The Torch, the entire hunt listed on SL Freebie Hunters, and it just keeps coming!

I want to thank every single one of our Designers and of course the hunters themselves. Just like last year, we invited all of the tippity top doll fashion designers and several of them never got back or declined. If we keep this up these stores wont dare to miss out!

If you have a favorite dolly store to shop at and you see that they are NOT in the hunt.... MSG THEM and ask that they become a part of NSA3 that will be held in November of this year!

The last couple of years I noticed that some things are lacking... so lets ask our favorite NON traditionally dolly type stores to create a line FOR US! Such as hair, shoes, jewelry, furniture, and houses!


Let's show everyone what Doll Power is all about!

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