Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gettin Closer!!!

I am getting SO excited!

Today is the first notice that I sent out to make the NSA2 hunt "public". Until now it has been invite only, and I am still waiting on a few replies.

I am accepting only 50 stores, and so far I have a little over 30!!

Along the side of the blog you will find the logs of our stores. Take a look for them and check out the goods they gots! Remember that without amazing stores.. hunts suck. So make sure that you browse about and show em a little linden love.

Believe me - THIS hunt doesn't give out crappy items because we are so picky about the stores we allow in. I am also glad to announce that some of these stores are brand new and launching their Dolly Lines within this hunt for the FIRST TIME!

Here is the line up at this point:

The Dolly Box
A Netherland
Violent Voltaire
Grim Bros
Rag Dollz
Blue Blood
Creative Insanity
Dark Dolls
Edge of Sanity
Likka House
Gothic Passionate Dreams
Rotten Toe
Sakura's Originals
The Delectable Doll
*Bad Juju*
Jenna's Whimsey
Magic Burst
Mango, Mango!
Inner doll
Savoir Faire
Beauty Killer
Spiked Devil
Unique Tea Cup
The Elegant Goth
.::Pink Sugah Shapes::.
Filthy Things

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