Monday, January 24, 2011

Proud to Announce NSA2

SL's Grid Wide Doll Themed Hunt!! - "No Strings Attached 2 - Ribbons and Lace"

Oh yes... You read it correctly. WE ARE BACK, as promised.

No Strings Attached was a hit that blew us all out of the water! The designers left saying it was one of the best hunts they have enjoyed in a while, and the hunters refused to leave the chat when it was over! I left with the promise that within the year we would do it again! So here it is! Of course I am no dummy and we will host it AFTER the Twisted hunt is So here's the info you have all been waiting for:

This hunt will run from April 1 to 30th 2011. This hunt's theme is Ribbons and Lace.

I will be accepting applications until March 10th.

Spots will fill up fast as I am also actively going out to all of my favorite Doll Stores to ask them, personally, to be a part of it as well as the some of the stores that really shined int he first one. This means only a handful of spots will be open for others!

This year we will be a bit more picky about the stores chosen as we now have the proof of this hunt being a huge hit - it is with our hopes that some of the larger doll stores that missed out on the first hunt just might be on board this time!



No Strings Attached - Dolly Themed Hunt

Send all completed applications to Trinity Vuissent.

Please have all hunt prizes be DOLLY related, and and high quality (not freebies or items normally found within your store or club).

All Questions should be sent via Notecard. Notecard should be labled NSA-Q – Your Name

*~*Hunt Application*~*

Must be completed in full or will be discarded.

Rename: NSA - Your Name - Store

Store Owners Name:

Store Name:


Store Blog/Website(if Any):

Is Age Verification is needed to access your store?:

How long has your store been open and what types of items do you primarily sell?:

Do you have an idea of the type of item you will offer?

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